ADEPTNA Extra Soft Microbead Travel Neck Support Pillow Back Head Cushion Micro Bead Stress Relief Beanie Pillow


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  • SUPER SOFT AND SQUISHY – Super Soft and squishy with a stretchy polyester and Spandex outer casing. Provides your head and neck with needed support while you rest
  • STRESS RELIEF – Great for relieving stress cat naps or power naps on the sofa in bed under your desk at work or on planes trains and automobiles.
  • COMFORT PILLOW – Beanie Comfort Pillow is the most amazing squashable squishable cuddleable hugable pillow you will ever feel. It has a gorgeously soft smooth stretchy covering and is filled with thousands of tiny super-soft polystyrene micro-granules.
  • PERFECT COMFORT – Moulding to the bodies every contour the secret of Cushtie’s amazing comfort lies in the fact that its stretchy outer skin encases thousands of really soft polystyrene micro-granules so it literally moulds itself into any shape to suit your head or body. Every time you move the pillow reforms to give you perfect comfort.
  • SIZE – Approx 15cm x 35cm. Soft fleece ends. Filled with 100% Polystyrene beads.