Bed Centre 3000 Diamond Pocket Spring double Mattress,11 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Double Mattress, 4FT6 Mattress with Breathable Eco Foam and Pocket Spring for Cool Comfort Sleep, Medium Firm Mattress


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  • 4FT6 Double Pocket springs: These individually nested miniature springs are considerably more comfortable and supportive than usual open coil springs and the way they work together they can isolate restless movements which means you won’t be disturbing your partner on the mattress when you move your position leaving both sleepers using the Mattress having a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • An anti-bug anti-dust mite and anti-mosquitoes 4FT6 Double mattress: The 3000 Diamond pocket sprung mattress is tested to offer protections against dust mites bed bugs and other allergens to achieve cleanest sleep environment possible. It does not release any volatile organic components and is absolutely harmless for the human body.
  • 4FT6 Double Medium Firm: Medium firm feel offers the perfect combination of comfort and support and the high density fillings contour to your body shape for the ultimate in pressure relief for back side and front sleepers.
  • Eco-Monobloc: The polyester Eco-monobloc offer many performance benefits like free from any odorous FR chemicals as the monobloc is composed from 100% PET. Due to PETs inherent hydrophobicity any unwanted liquids will pass easily through the fibre structure with limited absorption therefore retaining a prolonged degree of cleanliness. The product is handmade in UK and using fire retardant materials
  • Belgian Damask: A high-quality 4FT6 Double mattress ticking of Belgian origin both knitted and woven the Damask offers fantastic breathability and is great at reducing humidity build up. A damask mattress cover is soft to the touch breathable and is flexible for the sleeper meaning the upholstery fibres underneath can do their job and you get the highest level of comfort.