Bed Centre- Ortho Sprung With Memory Foam Quilted Mattress Medium Soft (5ft King)


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  • MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS- The ergonomically designed bed mattress is medium soft and provides support and desirable comfort. It relieves your pressure points and automatically adjust itself as per your sleeping position
  • With a layer of high density Visco-elastic polymer gel that is heat and pressure sensitive it is recommended by chiropractors and doctors alike. This mattress provides the support to your body and spine allowing your body to find a good sleeping position and improves blood circulation resulting in improved sleep.
  • Mattress depth approx 20cm this mattrees has a healthy amount of different quality fillings
  • As with all Bed Centre mattresses this product has been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to provide high quality and also to ensure that it conforms to all British fire regulations.
  • Available UK Standard sizes Small Single (76x190cm) Single (90x190cm) Small Double (123x190cm) Double (137x190cm) King (153x200cm)