Flair Furnishings Shorty Bunk Bed (175x75cm) – Wooden Twin Mid Sleeper Beds With Safety Side Panels Reversible Ladder Sturdy Loft Beds – Perfect Bed Frame For Children Bedroom – White


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  • 🌟 DESIGNED FOR LUXURY: The sturdy wooden frame of our shorty bunk bed will last for many years. Durability is assured by structure longevity. Any room will feel more refined with white bunk beds cool grey bunk beds or natural wood bunk beds. With this elegant bunk bed with storage make a statement.
  • 🛡️PROTECTION: Share significant events with our beds. These children’s beds encourage family unity because of their spacious layout and comfortable headroom. Kids’ shorty bunk beds with storage have a sturdy and long-lasting construction that ensures the security and comfort of your child.
  • ✨DESIGN: Choose the most appropriate fit for your child’s room. A bunk bed can be equipped with any shorty-size mattress because it offers enough room for growing children or hosting guests.
  • 🙎‍♀️ CHOOSE RESPONSIBLY: These kids’ bunk beds are constructed of solid wood that has been sourced ethically. Because of its compact size and solid construction this bed is made to last. It has a sturdy ladder for easy access to the top bunk and a base made of wood slats for excellent mattress support.
  • 🏠PERFECT FOR SMALL SPACE: The bunk bed is perfect for small rooms since it takes up minimal floor space making it easy to fit into small spaces and maximise available space. It is also appropriate for children of all ages making it an excellent choice for families.
  • SHORTY SIZE MATTRESS: 75cm x 175cm Mattress